Living Life at Home

While the phrase living life at home may sound weird and may cause some people to say that we are always living our lives when we are home, in actuality a significant amount of us have not really done so. We live our lives outside of our homes. Our daily schedules are filled with commuting, office/school hours, meetings, events, appointments and then we come home for essential activities.

When our lives were not interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, we followed schedules and routines that gave our lives balance and richness. Now, some of us have found ourselves stuck in how to function with this new dynamic or perhaps everything is working wonderfully with the completion of home projects and chores but progress has slowed/halted on goals that were set for other areas of life. So how do we get on with life? There are many answers to that question but I’ll focus on one very important one: Structure

Structure in the form of a schedule for each day is vital. Create a schedule that will work for your new environment and any new variables that may not have been an issue before such as the presence of children at home. For example: Did you go to the gym and work out in your daily routine before the pandemic? Given your new environment and any new variables, what days and times are you able to insert your workouts? What modifications do you need to make to your workout regimen if you lack access to the same equipment or resources? What online resources or apps are available to assist you in remaining on pace with your goals? Concerning children at home, how can they be kept occupied during this activity? What ways can you incorporate them into your activity?

Create Normalcy

These are similar questions you can ask yourself for any activity that was previously done outside of the home that you want to continue with at home. Some of these answers will be easy to answer and others may require more thought or creativity based on the activity at hand. The goal of living life at home is to create normalcy in a new season. Bring over as many of your regular activities as possible.

Fight Regression

Keep in mind that being at home has the potential to trigger regression because many of us require external motivators to keep us inspired and on track. To overcome this, create clearly defined zones for activities and set clear rules and expectations on when the zone will be used for something other than its ordinary purpose. Another tip is to place reminders and objects in that zone that will inspire and encourage the activity. Most importantly, employ your support system. Who do you have in your corner that will keep you encouraged and hold you accountable for action? Make sure you are in sync and constant communication with them.

Make the most of your new lifestyle, keep living life and keep pressing toward your dreams.

Apprehend is here with you!

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