Life Upside Down

Everything was supposed to be different. How many times have you found yourself saying that? The plan you had for your life seemed so clear and secure then it was flipped upside down. Whether it is because of our current circumstances with the Coronavirus or any other life circumstance, life is just different. There isn’t a plan in place and now it’s time to determine the way forward.

Change is an inevitable experience.

Perhaps there isn’t enough information to make any substantial long term plans. Consider what you’d ideally like to see your life look like. Do you wish to have financial freedom? Satisfaction and fulfillment in your career? A stable and healthy romantic relationship? A strong and healthy body? These are just a few of several aspirations that transcend time. What are other aspirations you have that transcend time?

Whenever considering the way forward in the face of uncertainty, narrowing your focus to things that transcend time fosters a sense of control over the situation. You can clearly identify goals and objectives in these areas to focus on. Create a plan of action to work on those things that are within your realm of control.

As you make progress in the plans you set, you’ll experience an increase in peace, satisfaction, confidence, and productivity. When new details arise you can adjust your plan accordingly and continue forward.

Ultimately the future isn’t guaranteed to anyone and we all know that to be a fact. Doing all that you can TODAY to create the life you’d like to experience in your tomorrow is truly the only thing you can control. Take steps and make decisions that align with your purpose and your passions. For in each future day that you may be blessed to experience, there will be seeds germinating in the ground of your life. The more seeds you plant each day that are in alignment with your dreams, the greater the potential for growth and success of such.

Let’s discuss your aspirations and the way forward.

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