But, I’m Scared…

What are you afraid of? What dreams or goals did you decide weren’t worth the risk of pursuing because of your fear? Where do you find yourself now? Do you desire to experience something different? Are you fulfilled?

Take time to give more consideration to the dreams and goals that you thought of. Keep in mind that anything worth pursuing in life will provoke a wide variety of emotions. At the inception of any new dream or goal, there is an initial level of excitement then eventually fear creeps in. Doing something new or taking a risk is scary. The outcomes are unknown and you will be forced to do things you’ve never done before. However, if you succeed in your pursuits, consider how much more will you gain and how your level of fulfillment will increase.

Emotions ebb and flow. A true mark of emotional maturity is the ability to identify the emotion you are facing and manage it properly. Fear and excitement all serve purposes. Excitement builds inspiration and creativity whereas fear can be seen as a checkpoint, a filter for action versus a roadblock. Fear causes us to pause and weigh possible outcomes. When the feeling arises, that is the perfect time for careful review and consideration of your next steps. Doing so will prepare you for the journey ahead.

Proper preparation and planning will ease apprehension and shift you into a calmer and peaceful state. The journey ahead won’t appear so daunting because you would have taken the time to fill your “backpack” with some of the things you will need to get started on the right foot. Once you take the first steps toward your goal, the next steps will begin to illuminate. Eventually, you will be venturing off in a new world with curiosity and excitement. If you find fear creeping in as your journey is underway, take a moment to look at your new surroundings, briefly review and reassess your plan. Then decide to keep moving forward. Press on.

There is a multitude of successful people that have admitted to being afraid often throughout their journey. The defining factor between them and the people who have not achieved their dreams is that they pushed past the fear to see what was on the other side. They did not allow their fear to hold them back. Perhaps the allure of their dream was strong enough to pull them forward or the discomfort of the present too strong to allow them to stay put, but in either case, they persisted.

So take the fear you feel and convert it into the inspiration to write down your plan and prepare for your journey. Compare the risks of remaining where you are and those that come with pursuing your goal. Then ask yourself:

What would I want my life to look like in 5, 10, or 20 years?

Is my dream important enough that I am willing to experience discomfort to achieve it? 

Am I willing to take the necessary risks to make my dream a reality?

Answering these questions honestly will help you get a picture of where you want to be and to determine if you are interested and committed to your dream. Your commitment will give you the drive to push past fear each time it arises.

Let Apprehend help you turn your fear into a plan of action that could lead to a life of greater satisfaction and fulfillment.

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