So…What Happens Now?

As the protests calm down and as we shift through the phases to reopen from COVID 19, my prevailing question is: “So…What Happens Now?”

Companies worldwide are paving the way forward in light of COVID 19, and as these changes occur, they are also digging deeper to discuss their values, principles, and operating procedures regarding racism, inclusion, diversity, justice, and fairness. While the two topics may appear to be very different, they are similar in that they arise out of the issue of quality of life.

There is no doubt that our quality of life has changed dramatically and that our world is going through a total makeover. Nothing will ever be the same as it was before and in many ways, that is a good thing, although it may not feel like it. We will experience change whether we embrace it or not, but embracing it is the best route and the most rewarding. Change if managed properly can lead to many benefits such as growth, new opportunities, improvements, and increased insights.

So, just as many companies are embracing the changes and issuing public statements expressing their stance on the current state of affairs and our quality of life, I recommend that you take a moment to examine your attitude toward these changes and how you may embrace them as well. Consider the following questions and write your statement.

What insights have you gained from the current events?

How will you leverage these experiences for your personal growth and for the impact you desire to have in the world?

What will you do today to live in alignment with your values and principles?

Once you have completed your statement, I encourage you to share it with someone who will support you and hold you accountable for it. Become an active participant in the process of improving the quality of life for yourself and others.

Invite Apprehend to be apart of that process with you.

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