So…What Happens Now?

As the protests calm down and as we shift through the phases to reopen from COVID 19, my prevailing question is: “So…What Happens Now?” Companies worldwide are paving the way forward in light of COVID 19, and as these changes occur, they are also digging deeper to discuss their values, principles, and operating procedures regardingContinue reading “So…What Happens Now?”

Constructing Your Financial Life

Building a firm financial foundation is critical for creating a healthy and stable financial life. When building a structure, the foundation takes the most time. If there are any mistakes made on the dimensions and balance of the foundation, then the entire design will be affected. Therefore, when a person is building a healthy financialContinue reading “Constructing Your Financial Life”

Finding peace in your finances

Netflix has a show titled “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo”. Marie Kondo is an organizational consultant that is invited into the homes of people seeking to de-clutter and organize their homes. Marie is coined with using the term “Spark Joy” which describes the process she guides her clients through to come to a respectful andContinue reading “Finding peace in your finances”

Self-Discipline: Reimagined

When most people see the word Self-Discipline, they think of willpower, self-control, and self-restraint. If you’ve ever aimed to be self-disciplined about something, you likely obsessed over each action and decision, attacking the goal with vigor, zeal, and excitement. For example: You may have had a goal to eat better and lose weight. In theContinue reading “Self-Discipline: Reimagined”

Living with Purpose After a Loss

The season we are in is unique and unlike any other we have seen before. We are separated and forced into a new reality, searching for answers to the cause of the challenges we are facing. As we try to adjust and move along with our lives, it is impossible to ignore the historic numberContinue reading “Living with Purpose After a Loss”

Lasting Motivation

How many times have you set a goal and started off strong only to find yourself losing interest a few weeks or at best a few months later? Why does this happen? How are some people able to stay on track and achieve their goals? There are two primary reasons: Motivation and Self-Discipline. Let’s startContinue reading “Lasting Motivation”

Living Life at Home

While the phrase living life at home may sound weird and may cause some people to say that we are always living our lives when we are home, in actuality a significant amount of us have not really done so. We live our lives outside of our homes. Our daily schedules are filled with commuting, office/school hours,Continue reading “Living Life at Home”