Meet Coach Shaddae Renee

Shaddae Renee is a Certified Master Coach with the Center for Coaching Certification and a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

She is a military spouse and mother of three beautiful children who aims to balance her purpose and responsibilities with a touch of fun.

Leaning on her passion for personal development, financial literacy, and volunteerism, Shaddae Renee founded Apprehend. It is her mission to help her clients transform their lives and align with their purpose to make an impact in the world.

Her Core Values are Faith, Personal Growth, Stewardship, Health, Education, Integrity, and Service to Others.

In 2017, she authored a chapter “Mapping Your Dream” in Coaching Perspectives VI, published by the Center for Coaching Certification.

She offers a wide range of services to include individual and group coaching as well as facilitation, training, and public speaking engagements.